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  Let's Listen to the voice of our Students:

 1. Aayush GC Bhujel: 

The things that made the learning experience the best was how the teachers explain things in a simple and understandable way. The teachers in the classes developed friendships with the students and not only have discussions about the subject that's being taught by the teacher, but also had nice conversations with the students. The teachers treated us like people and I have huge respect for that. BernHardt has always provided supportive teachers, management, and staffs and maintained a safe learning environment. But it always comes down to the individual, and that individual is you. Persistence, dedication, and hard work is what I believe in regardless of the institution.

2. Angeena: 

Positive, helpful, and friendly attributes of teachers and teachers’ pedagogical approaches made the four-year-old journey great by improving the teacher-student relationship leading to memorable learning experiences. Everything I learnt was in a fun way be it class activities, games, projects, etc. The management team always had the students’ back, they supported and provided us with everything we needed be it financial support, equipment, etc. for college projects or extra-curricular activities. Helpful teachers, supportive management, and a good learning environment is what BernHardt is good at providing.

3. Aastha Khanal:

 With mushrooming Bachelors colleges, I was in great confusion about which college to join for pursuing my dream. Finally, I chose KTM Bernhardt College. It is one of the enviable colleges of the city. Its excellent teaching faculty, perfect disciplinary system, committed management and sound learning environment is really praiseworthy. Moreover, I have got flavor of BBA in BBS due to comprehensive courses for the personality development of

I'm really indebted to Bernhardt for guiding me and unfolding my potential. It is a matter of great pride for me to be under the roof of this college.