I can’t cry

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Name: Niruta K.C

Faculty:  Humanities

                         Subject: Social Work (BASW 2nd year)          

I can’t cry,

I have always been the power girl in my tiny world,

How can I imagine being the cry girl?

The girl who once wished for laps,

Now wishes to cry hard,

Because of no laps,

So deep to go underneath,

Fighting for the wins but coming up loose in self,

Searching for the depth in self,

Trying for the hard cry to heal,

But no props to heal the pain.

No one to get her up and put in lap,

Only remaining with the pains and sorrows,

Which she thinks of no regrets.

But still dealing with unnecessary,

To be seen, searched and the wins.

Yes, the wins.

She can’t cry.

I can’t cry.

                                           Yes, I can’t cry.