I love the Moon

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I love the Moon

by: Pratima Kandel, BASW First Year

There is something about the stars I feel the world hasn’t discovered yet. And I hope they don’t!

Moon has always been “THE ONLY ONE” to give a light when most of the sobers find their path dark. Its obvious,the night seems dark.The world cries at night and all the secrets are heard by the moon.

The world says so.

The world has always liked pretty eyes. They say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

My dear world, how many eyes have you seen till the date?

I mean, I carry the spectacles with me which hides my eyes.

The world sees my glasses pane first and then only the eyes.

How could the world easily describe the beauty of an eye and what it beholds.

I feel bad when I look at stars. The moon steals the light of the sun and still gets praised.

But I also feel unique when I see them. The sun is also a star. And till date, the moon has been stealing the grace of the star indirectly and taking all the credits.

My dear moon, why don’t you try shining on your own?

Pardon me for the debate.

Moon says,“It’s okay to have flaws like I do.”

Star says,“ I’m the proof of the tears scattered like glitters when the universe cries.”

But who the hell cares when the universe cries?

Look at my dear selfish world , its busy crying with the moon.

My favourite day is when the new moon arrives. It’s only the day moon proves it doesn’t have light. But again, it continues spreading the so-called light and the world believes in the beauty of full moon’s light.

I sometimes wonder why do I love the moon so much. I don’t get the answer. Thank god!

Dear moon,

My blessings are always with you. Keep stealing others light. In return,you’ll get countless praises of the world. Don’t let people know who you’re.

Much love,