Existence of Self

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  Sunila Dhungel (BASW 2nd year)

The Existence of Self 

The diplomatic smile with the roses of life

As it goes with the throne that makes scars on the heart and bleeds.

Red with white.

The pain,its real; its life.

And we'll be free after we die.

Then why to cry.

When there is no truth to survive and no lies to hide.

Nothing is real.

Because they happen.

It is seeming like life its not real coz truths too starts to lie

End is not that much bad but the way to freedom.

And free from pain grow.

Trouble, sadness no reasons,

our life is madness.

Tears roll out of eyes giving sense to our inner pain.

Pain is something that ourself had created.

death is not the solution but it's our friend .

Always at our back.

And it will make us free one day.

free from every fear we had made.

Fear of living is much more painful then having the fear to death.

We always thought of living but its unseen.

But end is always same and near .